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We offer coaching programs designed to help Catholic parishes establish a discipleship model for youth ministry.

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About Everett

Everett Fritz, Founder and Executive Director

Everett is the author of two books – Freedom and The Art of Forming Young Disciples. He is the co-author of the Augustine Institute’s popular YDisciple youth ministry resource and has been working in parish youth ministry for over a decade. Everett holds an MA in Theology from the Augustine Institute and a BA in Theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville. Everett married Katrina, his high-school sweetheart and they reside in Denver with their three children.

The Art of Forming Young Disciples

Why Youth Ministries Aren’t Working and What to Do About It

In this book, Everett will help you create a comfortable environment that leads young people into self-reflection, as well as the critical role parents and the parish community play in youth formation.

Finally, Fritz shares various resources that can help you accomplish your goal. But he warns: you’re not running a program that has been pre-developed. Relationships and mentoring make disciples; programs do not.

If you’re troubled by the number of young people in your parish who leave the Faith year after year, then open these illuminating pages and learn the art of forming young disciples.

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Uncompromising Purity

It’s Not Just a “Guy” Problem

By: Kelsey Skoch with Everett Fritz 

You’re not the only one.

All too often, the topic of sexual purity is presented as something that’s exclusively a male issue. As a result, women who struggle with pornography or masturbation are left to feel as if they’re the only ones.

But this isn’t just a “guy” problem.

Finally bringing this topic to the light, Uncompromising Purity provides encouragement and practical strategies to overcome these and other addictions and temptations that keep women from living in freedom. By challenging the world’s imitation of love, Kelsey and Everett provide straightforward, honest, and inspiring advice on how to become uncompromising in the true love we were created for.

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