Our Missionary Way of Life

A life of prayer

It is impossible to disciple others if we are not first disciples ourselves. The first discipline of every disciple should be a life of prayer. All of our missionaries attend daily Mass, daily Holy Hour, pray a daily rosary, practice daily reading of Sacred Scripture, and seek out weekly confession and monthly spiritual direction.

A life that is rooted in our vocation

The vocation is more important than the apostolate. Our primary vocation must be prioritized before our ministry. The world needs the witness of our vocation more than it needs our work.

A life of study

A disciple never stops learning. Our missionaries are faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church and are committed to the study of theology and catechetics. Not only do we wish to know our faith, we want to understand the best practices of forming young disciples.

A life of health

Our missionaries prioritize their personal health. We strongly emphasize the importance for all missionaries to practice the disciplines of healthy eating, recreation, boundaries with work, sufficient sleep and exercise. The work of ministry should never consume the basic human needs of the minister.

A life of service

Our greatest desire is to serve. We wish to serve the needs of families, youth, pastors and parishes. Our ministry should give life to these individuals.

A life of relationships

We emphasize relationships over programs. We define ministry as, “the meeting of the basic pastoral needs of the individual.” Our desire is to work to meet the needs of the individuals that we serve.

A ministry of small groups

Our primary ministry is the development of small, faith sharing groups for both teenagers and parents.

We hope to be able to provide fully trained missionaries to serve parishes in discipleship youth ministry by 2018.

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