St. Andrew Missionaries Way of Life

A Life of Prayer

Our missionaries are committed to a life of prayer because without Christ, “we can do nothing” (John 15:5). Our way of life requires time daily in front of the Blessed Sacrament in prayer, daily Mass, daily Scripture reading and daily rosary. We also practice the discipline of frequent Confession.

A Life of Relationships

Our missionaries value relationships over programs. We seek to minister to the needs of the people that we serve.

A Life of Study

Our missionaries seek to grow in knowledge of our faith as well as an understanding of the best practices for effective ministry. We seek to grow through formal study of our faith and professional development opportunities.

A Healthy Life

Our missionaries cannot do the important work of building up the Kingdom of God unless they are healthy. We prioritize spiritual, physical, emotional and financial health and we emphasize a healthy balance of recreation within the life of a missionary.

A Ministry of Small Groups

The best environment for a healthy ministry is in a small, faith sharing group. Our missionaries utilize “small group methodology,” in all that we do.

St. Andrew Missionaries is a strategic partner with Ablaze Ministries. We provide training and formation for the missionaries of Ablaze. If you are interested in serving as a youth ministry missionary in a parish, please click on the link and contact Ablaze.