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I was invited by Fr. John Guzaldo and St. Louis Catholic Parish to participate as one of their speakers in their lecture series on evangelization. I spoke in Waco, TX on Thursday, October 19 on the topic of “Evangelizing Teenagers.

If you would like to watch the presentation, you can find the entire talk by clicking here.

St. Andrew Missionaries supports to launch of Ut Fidem

I have been working with Dowling Catholic High School since May to help their team develop small group discipleship within their high school. They hired Addie MacGruder as the Director of Graduate Ministries and, with support from St. Andrew Missionaries, she is launching Ut Fidem – a ministry that exists to form students in small group discipleship.

The goal of Ut Fidem is not only to form the students and meet their human, spiritual and pastoral needs but also to continue to form them as they enter into college or adult life. In this respect, Dowling Catholic High School is pioneering a step that is crucial for successful discipleship. They are working to ensure that students are not lost in the hand-off from high school to college. With FOCUS firmly rooted at the major state colleges in the area, Addie is working closely to ensure that the students enter discipleship groups in high school and are handed off to FOCUS in college. St. Andrew Missionaries has been a vital part of the training as the high school is developing the small group mentors.

Summit Meeting of Youth Ministry Innovators

On October 18, St. Andrew Missionaries was involved in a summit meeting with Ablaze Ministries, Marathon Youth Ministry, Project YM, Next Level Ministries and the Impact Center to discuss the future of youth ministry in the Church. It may be premature to announce, but we are currently hoping to collaborate on a youth ministry training conference in the near future. More information on this is to come.

YDisciple Launch in Denver

I continue to lead a weekly Bible study with high school seniors at Machebeuf High School. Our theme for the semester is evangelization. In addition we are preparing to launch our first discipleship groups at Notre Dame Catholic Parish in Denver, CO and we launched Bible studies for young Catholic fathers and mothers.