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St. Andrew Missionaries Partners with Ablaze Ministries

Ablaze Ministries is a youth ministry organization that provides a team of youth ministry missionaries for Catholic parishes and schools. They enable schools and parishes of all sizes to sustain professional, cost-effective, and enthusiastic ministry rooted in prayer, fellowship, and formation.

What I like about Ablaze is that their structures of missionary support are “outside of the box.” Ablaze ministries is interested in shifting youth ministry into discipleship and their missionary system allows for strategic growth of this mission.

This year, Ablaze and St. Andrew Missionaries will be partnering in the training of thei Ablaze missionaries.  We will be training the missionaries in the practice of small group discipleship and parent focused, youth outreach. We will also be working together to recruit new missionaries for the ministry so that Ablaze can expand into additional locations.

I will have more details on this partnership in the coming weeks, but needless to say, St. Andrew Missionaries and Ablaze Ministries are ecstatic about this new partnership.

Everett Offers Training in Iowa

We have had a BUSY last couple of months in ministry.

St. Andrew Missionaries has launched a training and mentoring program for Catholic institutions that are seeking to develop discipleship with young people. One of our first pilots is Dowling Catholic High School in Des Moines, Iowa. I flew out to Des Moines in early September and offered the second of four day-long workshops for the leadership of Dowling Catholic High School. The school is preparing to launch discipleship groups at their school later this Fall.

…. and the Diocese of Fort Worth, TX.

St. Andrew Missionaries also has four pilot parishes in Texas. I did an intake with each of the pilots and I am preparing each parish for the first training workshop sometime in October/November.

Everett joins the ImpactCenter’s Leadership Institute

Professional development something that ministry professionals and parish leadership do not frequently prioritize. Throughout my years in ministry, I have always prioritized the opportunity to grow as a lay ministry professional. Professional development has helped me to excel in youth ministry, evangelization, discipleship, speaking, and running a non-profit.

Several years ago, Jim Beckman launched a Leadership Institute in Denver, CO. I have had several friends go through the year-long formation and rave about the quality of the program. This year, I have signed up and I will be receiving formation in evangelization, proclaiming the kerygma, empowerment in the Holy Spirit and discipleship methods. In addition to monthly “learning labs,” I will be attending 4 conferences in Denver this year. The next conference is ChristLife training in November.

Youth Ministry in Denver

This past month, I started my fourth year of Bible study with a group of high school boys…err… young men at Bishop Machebeuf High School. I have been leading this group since they were freshmen in high school and it has been a joy to watch them grow in their faith over the years.

I led a Confirmation retreat for over 100 people at Notre Dame Catholic Parish in Denver and we are currently working to launch discipleship groups this October. It has been a joy to again have “boots on the ground,” in a parish environment.

EVERETT FRITZ is the founder and Executive Director of St. Andrew Missionaries. He authored the best selling book, Freedom: Battle Strategies for Conquering Temptation – a guide for young men trapped in the shackles of sexual sin. Everett speaks on the topics of discipleship, prayer and chastity. He and his wife Katrina reside in Denver, Colorado with their 3 children. To contact Everett to speak or to learn more about his apostolates, visit everettfritz.com or connect with him on Facebook or Twitter.