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St. Andrew Missionaries receives a grant!

Our Sunday Visitor Institute has awarded St. Andrew Missionaries with an operational grant for 2017-18. This grant will help us move one step closer to launching a missionary formation program. We hope to be able to put missionaries into parishes in 2018. These missionaries will be trained in our discipleship and family-first approach.

Partnership with Diocese of Fort Worth

In 2017-2018, St. Andrew Missionaries is partnering with the Diocese of Fort Worth to provide discipleship training in youth ministry for four parishes. Beginning in September, I will be coaching Sacred Heart, St. Mary, St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Mark Catholic parishes. Coupled with Dowling Catholic High School, I now have five pilot parishes for training as well as my work at Notre Dame Catholic Parish in Denver, CO.

Everett started working at Notre Dame Catholic Parish in Denver

This month, I started work as the Director of Family, Youth and Small Christian Communities Ministry at Notre Dame Catholic Parish in Denver, CO. The goal is to build youth ministry using the St. Andrew Missionaries approach. Fr. Ed Buelt, the pastor of Notre Dame, wants a youth ministry that is built differently and he is on board with making Notre Dame an experimentation ground in building youth ministry out of the family. This position allows me to experiment in ministry, stabilize my income, while also utilizing some of my mission support budget to grow the organization of St. Andrew Missionaries.

Update on My Family

Katrina and I are blessed beyond measure with John Paul, Jude and Esme. John Paul will be preparing for his First Holy Communion and the Sacrament of Confirmation this year, while Jude has grown into a handsome little man and Esme continues to run the household. John Paul is 9 years old, Jude is 6 and Esme is 4.