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I pray everyone is blessed during this holiest week of the year…

It has been a busy month for St. Andrew Missionaries. A mere 3 months after launching, St. Andrew Missionaries is under contract with one diocese and is headed to contract with another. We are also headed to contract with a Catholic High School in Iowa. Our goal for the pilot year was to pilot our 12-month coaching packages in 12 parishes (each diocese represents 5 parishes). With very little marketing and effort, we have almost hit our partnership goal for the upcoming pilot year (pilots start on July 1).

In one instance, I was connected through a friend to a group of people involved with a Catholic High School in Iowa. This group was planning to test the waters with discipleship groups next year, but it was an experimental venture and they lacked the experience to know how to get over the first several hurdles. When I first approached the group regarding my coaching, they were initially “luke-warm,” to the idea of utilizing my help. After one phone conference with this group, they moved to “red-hot.”

The Holy Spirit is moving. When I first started this journey, I knew it was a leap of faith. After spending a year to establish the non-profit, fundraise and launch, I am excited to move forward and help these Catholic parishes successfully launch discipleship based youth ministry.


These contracts will not begin until the new fiscal year (July 1). While I am waiting to pilot these programs, I have remained very busy with ministry. I continue to lead a weekly discipleship group at Bishop Machebeuf High School. In March, I was honored to speak at the first annual Denver Catholic Women’s Conference. I spoke to 200 women on “Marian Spirituality and the Rosary.” St. Andrew Missionaries had a vendor table at the conference and I had the opportunity to share information on this new ministry with many women that came to the table.

I just returned from a week-long trip to Florida where I spoke on chastity to 140 boys at John Carroll Catholic High School in Fort Pierce. Over the weekend, I directed a Confirmation retreat at my former home parish – St. Martin de Porres in Jensen Beach. I also reconnected with many of my new friends in the Palm Beach Cursillo community. I stayed a couple of extra days in Florida so that I could reconnect with several long-time friends.

Missionary Way of Life

Our second phase of development is to launch missionary formation so that we can put a team of mission bases in under-served or under-resourced areas around the country. These missionaries would be in charge of launching discipleship groups for teens and their parents.

We have established a first draft of our “way of life,” for all missionaries. You can see it by clicking here.

Catholic Ministry Team (CMT)

I recently joined up with a ministry team based out of New York called “The Catholic Ministry Team.” This network of dynamic Catholic speakers and musicians is doing some great ministry in the Northeast. The Catholic Ministry Team has taken over all of my booking and we are exploring other ways that we can mutually support one another.

Check out the Catholic Ministry Team here.

John Paul’s First Reconciliation

Finally, my oldest son received his First Reconciliation this past month. He is already excited to go to Confession again. I’m a proud papa…