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St. Andrew Missionaries is up and running! It has been a busy several weeks in the ministry. Here are some amazing testimonies from my work in Denver and on the road.

High School Discipleship Group – Denver

I have been leading my discipleship group for the past 2.5 years within a weekly discipleship group format. The group started as 5 boys and has grown to 12. We spent the Fall semester studying the Holy Spirit in our weekly Bible Study. Before the holidays, myself and two priests (the Servants of Christ Jesus) spent 2 hours in Adoration with the boys. While in Adoration, we did prayer ministry with the boys and introduced them to the an awakening of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Each of the boys stepped forward and asked that we would lay hands and pray for them and each discovered new charisms and an “encounter with Holy Spirit,” that they hadn’t previously thought possible. It was a threshold crossing moment.

When the Holy Spirit descends on the apostles, He immediately sends them out to proclaim the Gospel and empowers the apostles do mighty works. For these high school boys, the Holy Spirit immediately empowered them to do ministry.

Following the prayer time, the boys went out to a restaurant to grab some late-night pancakes (I went home to my family). The 16 year-old boys encountered a homeless man on their way into the restaurant. Rather than giving him money for his next meal, they invited him into the restaurant, sat with him and had dinner with him. They engaged in discussion with him about his life and each witnessed about their life and their faith with him (they also paid for his meal). I was blown away when I heard that they had done this. Even at the young age of 16 – this group of boys were compelled (on their own) to share their faith and take care of their fellow neighbor.

Youth Ministry Training – Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau – Van Buren, MO

I spent a weekend in January doing discipleship training for the mission Diocese of Springfield – Cape Girardeau. In total, 36 adults attended the conference – all but one were volunteers in their parishes. The response to the conference was overwhelmingly positive. Here is some of the feedback from the conference:

From the Diocesan Coordinator:

“I’ve heard feedback from several attendees that it was a great conference both personally and professionally.  I even heard from a pastor who said his attendee was on fire after the conference!  I’m glad the Holy Spirit put you into my path!”

From one of the attendees:

“When I signed up, I was skeptical that the conference would be helpful. Not only did I receive training that would immediately help our youth ministry, I personally encountered Christ and was renewed in my own walk with the Lord.”

Individual Parish Training

This past month, I have been offering individual parish training sessions by phone or video chat. Here is a testimony from a volunteer youth ministry leader in North Carolina:

“Your support, guidance and advice was much needed as I navigate this new territory of growing discipleship groups at my parish. The parent meeting I hosted at my home was a success. I had 15 parents, 2 mentors, 1 potential mentor and 2 teens that had been in a group for the past year. I had the teens give testimonies and their testimonies were so powerful! The interested parents left feeling empowered to form new groups. I am hopeful we will have 7 (!) active discipleship groups (for teens) by the end of March.”

Please keep St. Andrew Missionaries in your prayers. We are continuing to receive inquiries from parishes and dioceses regarding our services. In particular, their are a couple of dioceses that wish to move forward, but we are navigating some obstacles. Please pray that these obstacles are removed from our path.

Your prayers and support are helping us to form young disciples in our Church!